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  • What's the upside of pre-ordering?

    you get 10% off automatically pair that with a rep code and its 20% off your order, no delayed shipping. Or waiting on drop day in hopes to get something to get cart snatched 

  • Why Choose Pre-ordering with Veteran Baby Brigade?

    We offer hassle-free pre-orders with Items that we have already paid for and  ordered.

  • What does this mean for you?

    Opting for pre-ordering with Veteran Baby Brigade lets you enjoy a shorter wait time as your preferred items are already in production, Plus choosing the prints ahead of time so you can decide what diapers you really want.  no worried about popular prints being refunded due to low orders.

  • How long do pre-orders take?

    Between 6-12 weeks( or sooner Under promise over deliver is always our hope) 

  • Keep in mind:

    If you combine an in-stock item with a pre-order, with out adding extra shipping to your cart, your delivery will be held until all items are ready for delivery

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cloth pocket diaper

ETA: Early December 2023

Please be aware that colors and scale may appear slightly different when printed on fabric.

Mystery Print! Very Merry Clothmas presale-Signature 2.0 Pocket Diaper



  • Colorful and moisture-wicking AWJ material interior lining
  • Upgraded softer PUL for a stretchier fit
  • Hypoallergenic AWJ material keeps baby's skin dry and cool
  • Sewn-in PUL tummy panel for added protection
  • True one-size diaper
  • Longer wingspan for improved sizing
  • 3x4 snap rise for adjustable sizing
  • Overlapping snaps for a smaller waist size
  • Dirty Closure Snaps for convenient on-the-go storage of soiled diapers
  • Fit for children approximately 8-40 lbs, depending on build 




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cloth pocket diaper
Mystery Print! Very Merry Clothmas presale-Signature 2.0 Pocket Diaper