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  • 15 x 27
  • Top zipper 
  • Our large wet bags feature two nylon woven handles perfect for hanging and carrying. 

    Spacious hanging wet bags offer a practical solution for families with limited space or preferring alternatives to traditional diaper pails. They are versatile and can be conveniently hung on door knobs or hooks in closets,
    machine washable and dryer safe on low or no heat. You can toss your wet bag into the wash with your diapers on wash day. 
    To prevent leaks, give those fully saturated items a good wringing or let them have a breath of fresh air before tossing them into the wet bag. Just a gentle reminder, TPU is water resistant, not mermaid-proof! 🧜‍♀️💦
  • Ideal for beach escapades
  • pool shindigs
  • college crash pads,
  • clothes clean-up
  • mini-human hangouts
  • Daycare centers 
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Continue; | XL wet bag