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Veteran Baby Brigade m22

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Each diaper pod can handle a hefty load of 8+ single stuffed pocket pocket diapers. With a snappable handle and carrying strap, it's go time! 💪 Diaper pods are the perfect on-the-go solution that fit like a glove in Veteran baby brigade diaper bags.


Remember, wring out fully saturated items or wait for them to partially air dry before popping them in wet bags. TPU may be water-resistant, but it's not the superhero of waterproofing. No capes! 🌊

Listing is for one empty diaper pod. with matching carrying strap 
Mission 22

Veteran Baby Brigade X Mission 22  Veteran Baby Brigade has partnered with Mission 22 and this  Pocket diaper is exclusive to Veteran baby Brigade - hand designed by us. 

 These diapers are more than just another cute print;they are a powerful symbol of our unwavering support for struggling veterans.And the personal motivation to just continue;

🎗️With 25% of the proceeds going to Mission 22 we’re not only raising awareness but actively helping Mission 22 to combat the staggering statistic of 20 veterans lost each day in the US.Together, we can break the cycle of silence and offer a helping hand to those who have sacrificed so much

. 🇺🇸 If you or someone you know needs help stop soldiers suicide 1-844-889-5610



Military Child | Pod
Military Child | Pod